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Update of muses.

So, normally I don't like to flaunt my muses around and most are just not being used at all. Buut I figured I'd finally let all of you know who I play. So here goes the long list.

Nikki Heat nikkiheathere   | Castle/ Heat Wave

Piper Halliwell opps_sorry  | Charmed

Savannah Curtis savannahcurtis   | Dear John

Dr. Samantha Grimm thesamgrimm | Doom

Remy "Thirteen" Hadley thirteenhadley  | House M.D.

Zoey zoeyhasagun  | Left 4 Dead

Ziva David specialzdavid   | NCIS

Rebecca Samuels losingmycontrol   | OC

Amant Smythe amant_smythe   | OC

Amaya Smythe amaya_smythe   | OC

Sarah Turner im_yours_truly   | OC

William Hunter william_hunter  | OC

Eliza Ryanits_eliza  | OC

Kalyca Aether kalycaaether  | OC

Greed iamgreed | Seven Deadly Sins

Jo Harvelle harvelleiam   | Supernatural

Teen!Jo teenjharvelle   | Supernatural

Sam Winchester thatsasquatch  | Supernatural

Bella Swan notyourbella   | Twilight

Alice Cullen jaspersprincess   | Twilight

Sally Jupiter silkjupiter | Watchmen

I know I'm probably missing some, but those are the only ones I can remember.
[Dean] Good for yooou

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So, today was annoying. My laptop broke, so my sister-in-law is letting me use hers until income text. So, yay for that I guess. Then I got sooo pissed off at my father-in-law because he's a damn idiot. Seriously, I want to punch the dude. He is just completely worthless and ugh, he's a damn long and frustrating story. Then my husband and I got into a fight, which is the norm.

Then last night I finally fell asleep at 1am. So, six hours of sleep isn't too bad, I guess. Better than seven hours for two days. I'm still tired though, which is also the norm.

Also, I've thought about doing a vblog like my friend Wendy-mun, but that'll now have to wait until I get my own laptop. And I also won't be showing my face on that because.. ew.
[Dean] WTF?

Amber bez fuming

Alright, I don't post in my journal that often because really not much happens in my life where I feel the need, but earlier this morning I got into a physical fight with someone I don't even know. Now, you might ask why.. well, when I see someone throw trash onto another person and yell "All fags are garbage!" I tend to get pissed off. At first I just went over and asked the person what their problem was and they said I'm a gay lover - which I guess I am because I have gay and lesbian friends and it doesn't bother me one damn bit - and they then tried to first throw trash on me and then punch me. Needless to say, I just shoved their head against the metal dumpster and then called the cops. I didn't get arrested, but they did for assault. So, I hope that person just rots for being an inconsiderate piece of crap.

Also, when I got online afterward, I have someone accusing me that I deleted Jo's comment. Listen, before you accuse me for something on a site that is known to regularly screw up. ASK, first. Don't just point the finger and assume. That really makes you look bad.
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smoking in the car

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Jebus. I never update this damn thing.

So, little tidbit of info: My birthday is coming up. 17 days. Can't believe I'm gonna' be twenty-four. Makes me feel old. Doesn't help that Frankie is going to be three and Piper is going to be two. They are growing up far too fast.

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smoking in the car

Baby stuff

So, today was awesome. Carl's mom bought us a lot of baby stuff. Diaper bag, diapers, wipes, bottles, burp clothes, shirts, an outfit, sleepers, bottle drying rack & brush set, medicine stuff and nail clippers and pacifers. The outfit is so cute, it says "Warning: May cause sleepless nights." Soooo cute.

We figured out who the godparents are gonna' be.

Godmothers are Kristin and Nancy. The Godfathers are Nick and John. Later today we are going to scan the most recent ultrasounds, so everyone can see little Frankie. :D
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smoking in the car

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Monday went and seen my grandma in the nursing home, she is just staying there till she gets better. So, maybe another week or so. I stayed up there with her a few hours and helped her around and stuff.

Today was kinda' interesting. Gave Squirt away aka the cat. I cried when I was throwing her stuff out like a little baby. Then went to Brock's and then we went to the mall. On the way some stupid guys in a car were acting well. . .stupid. So, I flipped them off. Which felt good, and then we seen a guy playing basketball in the middle of a intersection. . .which was odd, to say the least. Brock bought me dinner, he said because I have bought him dinner a few times etc. I felt bad for letting him buy me dinner. -.-; Mmmm, cigarettes are good. I'm glad I have Brock around, he's my brother. . .no matter what a blood test would say. I'm real happy I have one good friend, it feels good to know I do. Lately, I've been caring what people think. . .not about me, but what I say. Well, that ended after a few days. Now, I just don't give a fuck again.

To whom it may concern: Yeah, you think I'm putting you down. . .well, I wasn't. Now though I just don't care anymore. A true friend wouldn't do shit like that, yeah I didn't think you were perfect, but I truly thought you were at least a friend, someone who cared about my feelings.. Tell me to fuck off all you want, it doesn't matter anymore. I was a great friend, I always told you, you were pretty and I did mean it. I told you, you would be a great girlfriend to any guy. Well, now I'm just tired of getting the short end of the stick. I know it's better to give than recieve, but in a friendship both give and recieve. So, this means. . .goodbye.
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